In March 2013 Ken Hensley & Live Fire recorded an album in Alicante, Spain. Ken Ingwersen (guitar) and Tom Fossheim (drums) had been playing with Hensley for 6-8 years at that point, but this was the first time they met Roberto Tiranti (vocals and bass). Within few hours, the guys hit it off musically and personally on a high level. The power of the band felt huge and the process was very easy and fun. Already the first day, Ken suggested to Tom and Rob that they also should form a trio.

And so they did. Within a year, they had recorded their first album, simply called “Wonderworld”, released October 2014. The band-members were still a part of Ken Hensley & Live Fire, so they spent a lot of time together, doing gigs with both Hensley and on their own.

Already September 2015 they started working on their 2nd album. Naturally it takes some time to get all the pieces together, when you have a singer/bass player form Genova, Italy and a drummer and a guitar player from Norway. So in- between gigs, they swapped ideas back and forth and ended up with 10 new songs to record by the end of 2015.

All songs are written by Tiranti & Ingwersen, and the album was produced and mixed by Ingwersen. They recorded most of the album in Urban Sound studio in Oslo, Norway with engineer Jock Loveband in only 3 days. The basic tracks are more or less live, then adding vocals, some solos and a bit of keyboards. It’s important to the band, to keep the live feel also on the album,  because that’s what this band is all about; the energy created in a room with these 3 guys in it!

Wonderworld is influenced by many of the bands from the 70’s era, which includes a lot of jamming, energy and fun. As musicians they have all been a part of the recording processes where you record one person at a time, doubling all parts, huge background vocals, keys, sound replacing drums, autotuning the vocals etc etc. So for Wonderworld it was important to stay away from that path and get back to the roots on how classic rock bands recorded music. But even though there is a bit of Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, ACDC and Rush in there, the band have their own sound musically and have become a solid mix of old and new influences with their own spices to the whole melting pot of rock music.

Their 3rd album "WWIII" was released in June 19th 2018!